Ministries Promoting Revival

Around the Corner....Around the World

Ministries Promoting Revival

Wilt thou not revive us again: that  thy people  may rejoice in thee"?  (Psalm 85:6)                                      




Around the Corner........ Around the World

Ministries promoting revival came into existence in 1972 but due to a need of reconciliation in so many churches-the next years were dedicated to church renewal, reconciliation and revival. In the year 1992, the Lord moved us to Navarre FL. and Ministries Promoting Revival moved out into other areas of service. First, Bible classes and then the founding of a church-now The Navarre Chapel and Academy. The church is an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church. Next came bible clubs, literature outreach, the christmas pageant, then missionary outreach and now a world wide endeavor as a vehicle to be used of God for the furtherance of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping others also to accomplish the great commission for the salvation of souls. Ministries Promoting Revival is a non-profit Florida Corporation for religious use. We are a totally faith based organization.



Why Ministries Promoting Revival?

God has raised up M.P.R. as a vehicle to encourage revival. Right now there is an urgent challenge for God's people to reach around the world. There is a need to revive the church in it's outreach and obedience to Christ's commands. Everyone can not go into far and distant lands. Yet, there is a way for every christian to be in obedience to a world wide outreach. Many of God's people stand in place ready to labor in the Masters vineyard; but the funds are not available, nor do they know where to obtain the resources needed to accomplish their mission. Three major purposes of M.P.R.

  1. To enable laborers to be in place of service more quickly.
  2. To make available the distribution of the Bible, literature, and training materials for laborers already in place.
  3. To encourage the total church regardless of its size to be united in outreach without compromise of faith or standard or standard or godly principle.

Every christian can be a part of this outreach and choose where in the world he desires his efforts be placed.  M.P.R. is a faith work, relying solely on the Lord through his people to accomplish his work. Every Christian can be a part of this ministry for everyone can give something. Even a small mustard seed can produce a a large tree, but there will be no tree if a small seed isn't planted. The web site is fast and far reaching. We plan to use some of it for God's glory to reach out to the whole world with the life saving message of salvation. May hearts be challenged to give little or much, it will go where you send it.  The opportunity is ours to reach yet untold millions.  Praise God for such an opportunity. In every great battle there are those on the front lines. There are also those who stand by the stuff.   M.P.R. is the vehicle to get the stuff to those on the front lines.  If the supply does not get to the front the battle will be lost. The fields are white and ready for harvest.  Laborers are in place and on the way. It is time  for those of us who are standing by the stuff to start distributing. By the power of God's grace, mercy and love we can accomplish it.